Hydraulic ice machines provide an effective means of producing ice on many vessels that do not have the required electrical power for an electric machine.By taking power from a main engine or auxiliary power take off point the self contained units provide an effective, robust means of producing ice on board.

 Requiring only connection to 2 hydraulic pipes, a seawater supply and a small 24 Volt dc supply for control, the machine can be conveniently located on board.

 Initially designed for use on trawlers where main engine speed varies the units production varies accordingly. Optimized for towing speeds, a hydraulic flow rate of 45 litres per minute allows the machine to produce over 2.5 tonnes per day in temperate climates. Using standard hydraulic equipment common on fishing boats, power to drive an ice machine can be taken from a main engine or auxiliary engine.

 Installation can be done by local engineers for whom this type of work is normal and common on boats. Knowledge of Refrigeration is not required.


Our Machines produce a variety of Ice Types