Industrial Ice Machines are designed for use on shore. Assembled in a modular unit requiring only connection to power and water the units have extremely small dimensions.

The units shown, each have a capacity of 2.5 tonnes per day yet can easily pass through a standard doorway allowing very easy installation. Smaller units can be mounted on wall brackets allowing the ice to fall directly down or alternatively to pass through the wall.  All standard voltages can be accommodated.

Single phase machines able to produce 1 tonne per day.   
Stainless steel is used throughout the construction. 

 The cost of running an ice machine is dependent on local tariffs, in the UK a typical cost is approx. £10 per tonne to cover power and water. This will represent a saving of a least £60 per tonne against typical ice costs in harbour areas. For a business using an average of 4 tonnes per week a 1 tonne per day machine will pay for itself in around 12 months. For larger users with 2.5 tonne per day machines the payback is even quicker.

We produce  our machines in only two basic sizes, the 2.5 tonne per day unit shown here and the smaller 1 tonne per day unit shown below.
The larger units require 3 phase power while the smaller units can be supplied in a single phase 230V format.

Small machines can be conveniently located on the smallest of premises.
Shown here is a I tonne per day machine mounted on a wall bracket in a small processing unit.


Our Machines produce a variety of Ice Types