Ice machines for trawlers have been available for many years and in some countries are the norm, however the makeup and operation of the Irish fleet along with the many types of machines on offer often presented more difficulties than advantages. The unique position of being an Ice Machine manufacturer based in a fishing environment has enabled Sea Ice to develop a system which is not an adaptation of a machine designed for shore based  industry,but a system purely focused on the requirements of the Irish Fishing Industry.

Our trawler ice machines are proving to be very reliable, economic and effective pieces of equipment, the small dimensions and the high production capacity mean that they can be used on the smaller vessels as well as the larger trawlers with higher ice requirements. In addition to the convenience and freedom that comes from not being reliant on shore facilities, less space on board is taken up for ice storage.

Available in 2 sizes, 2.5 tonnes per day and 1.25 tonnes per day.
We also build the electric machine in a fresh water version for boats where bulk in the ice is preferred and freshwater production or storage is available.


Our Machines produce a variety of Ice Types